About RRS

Rashtra Raksha Sena is a registered NGO under Indian Trust Act 1882 with the aim to work for the betterment of the society and nation as whole. We have started with a dream and a mission to build up our nation and to achieve independence in its true sense. Enemy is not only behind the boundaries they are also within the boundaries looting our nation and playing with the future of our country, whole India will stand once again united to fight against these enemies. Our mission is to enlighten the flame of patriotism in the heart of every Indian and to help them to come out their self-centered life to live for our nation also.

Our vision and ideology aims towards to work on the root causes of all the major ills our nation is facing today. Whatever problems our country is facing, whether it is corruption, unemployment, poverty, cultural pollution, etc., we Will work to eradicate them from their roots so that our coming generation can live in the pure environment with love, peace and prosperity.