Stop Anti Nation Activity

“Respect India & Indians. Don’t divide India on the basis of Casteism. Indians wants peaceful life & development.
Will not allow Anti Nation works.”

What is National and what is Anti National

For stopping Anti Nation activity from our Nation firstly, we need to properly address what is national and what is anti-national.

  • Secondly, while describing national and anti-national, we should make sure that we look at both sides from clear/clean point of view and not from bi-partisan bigoted mind-set.
  • Thirdly, we have to clearly bring out the length and breadth of the yardstick which will be used for measuring what is national and anti-national.
  • Fourthly, with 29 states and 7 Union Territories, there seems to be a lot of confusion regarding the “national-ness”. Example, Hindi being an unspoken language in states like Kerala, Tamil, West Bengal, Almost entire NE, et al. Diversities??
  • Fifthly, if we can melt the entire diversities into a single pot, perhaps it will be easier to frame tangible concept of “national”- Nationalism will come later, of course.

Thusly, we will be to come up with methods for curbing/annihilating the anti-national ideas from our country.

To Pass Anti Nation Law

We want the govt. to pass a new Anti-National Law to stop all the Anti-National activities going on within our country.

  • People who give the hate speech against our country to the people who carry out Morchas, and give slogans like "India go back", "India ki barbadi tak jung chalegi" in name of "Freedom of speech and expression", all the people should be punishable and strict action should be carried out against such people. Anyone who is found to be doing such Anti-National activities should be punished.
  • A law should be their in our country to put limit on Freedom of speech and expression.
  • According to me everything has a limit, people should remain in limits. And not carry out any Anti-National activity.

Anything against our nation should be punishable irrespective of any right to speech and expression.